Bio-mechanics Technique

Bio-Mechanics Technique

The Bio-Mechanics technique was developed by John Hurley and Helen Sanders, both of whom were Chiropractic college graduates. Before entering Palmer Chiropractic College John Hurly was a mechanical and structural engineer. He applied his knowledge of mechanics and the study of the human skeletal system in a technique designed to normalize body structure and polarity.

Based upon a correlation between stress, body balance and the high incidences of sickness, the Light Touch Treatment addresses the correlation by developing a procedure, which analyzes body distortion. It then applies a Light Touch Technique in order to relax and repolarize the muscles, thus permitting a normalization of the whole bodies structure with a new view in mind of reversing the high incidences of sickness and disease. The Light Touch Technique is truly a method to maintain homeostasis and provide a good natural health.

Recently the work of Dr. Francis Goes, D.C. and currently the work of Dr. Lamar Rosquist, D.C., have served to preserve the Hurley treatment. Dr. Rosquist has traveled across the United States teaching the treatment to Chiropractors, Laymen and Massage Therapists with the view of preserving technique and the revolutionary results, which it has obtained. The uniqueness of the treatment lays in its use of the non-force and lack of any thrust on the vertebral column, which separates from its traditional forms of body manipulation.

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