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My Story

At the age of 31, I had been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Hypothyroidism. I had already been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and several other health conditions.

I was put on 18 different prescriptions by doctors, all of which I was to take for the remainder of my life. I also had four other prescriptions that I used for emergency situations, such as severe migraines or for when I stopped breathing. I also had to use a respirator to help me breathe because the prescriptions didn’t work for me.

My primary Doctor told me my Immune System was “SHOT”. After going to three other specialists, I was sent home leaving me with no hope of ever getting better or of living a normal life. I was told there was nothing I could do. The only advice I was given was to just avoid everything that I was allergic to, which was just about everything.

The search to strengthen my immune system led me to Alternative methods. Natural Health Alternatives improved my immune system, which sparked my interest into the field of alternative work. I am currently off all prescriptions except for Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes and Synthroid for Hypothyroidism (which since starting the Alternative methods, the dosage has been cut in half). The symptoms and diagnoses of the health problems I had, which are considered “incurable”, are gone.

Below is a list of diagnoses and symptoms I was experiencing by the age of 31, before my journey into Natural Health. I am currently symptom free of everything below, except two, at this time. I am healthier now then I have ever been in my life.

•Diabetes (Type I)
•Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
•Chronic Fatigue
•Epstein Bar Virus
•Asthma * (stopped breathing several times)
•Angeioedema (Swelling)
•Anaphylactic reactions
•Leaky Gut Syndrome
•Acid Reflux
•Hiatal Hernia
•Migraines Headaches
•Cysts on ovaries
•Other female problems (Hysterectomy)
•Chronic Yeast Infections
•Dizziness & Lightheadedness
•Chronic Sore Throat
•Sinus Rhinitis
•Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
•Eating Disorders
•Gallbladder problems
•Toxic Liver
•Vision Problems
•Kidney Failure
•Carpal Tunnel
•Neck and Lower back pain
•Poor Posture
•Joint pain
•Muscle aches